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We speak the language of light which is a simple yet a vibrant tool. Light shapes the space and modulates its perceptual quality. Fascination and passion for light coupled with in-depth knowledge and technological skill set defines our design identity. Over 9 years of international experience in Architectural lighting design, along with a range of Indian projects to our portfolio gives us a unique edge. Strong architectural background enables us to tangentially integrate the lighting aspect in spatial design. Client’s needs, comfort and budget are our important criteria.

Scope of work

Any challenging project of good complexity is of interest to us, irrespective of scale.

Our scope of work would cover lighting for interior spaces, building facade and landscape.

Educational Spaces

Our workflow

Lighting Spaces is a full service Architectural lighting design studio and following are the phases through which the projects progresses


Conceptual Design

concept sketches, illustrations, presentation, conceptual lighting renderings and schematic drawings

Design Documentation

Lighting drawings, Lighting specification and dimming control schedule, Lighting calculation, LEED requirements and overall design coordination

Construction Documentation 

finalizing the lighting drawings and specification along with dimming control schedule, developing lighting details, coordination with other consultants, Value Engineering, answering RFIs

Construction Administration

Periodic site coordination, Coordination with other services, quality control of design implementation, final aiming and setting light levels, issuing a punch list to project team, Post occupancy evaluation

Anusha has a strong educational background with undergraduate degree in Architecture and a master’s degree in Architectural lighting design. She has worked for Integrated lighting design for over 9 years and has started her own studio Lighting Spaces since 2015. Her international education and work experience along with indian projects in her portfolio showcases her professional forte. The design geek in her challenges her in every project to instill a touch of creative uniqueness in conceptualization. Knowledgeable structured design approach and intuitive problem solving during documentation and coordination is her asset. Bringing in visual complexity through simple application is her design vision. Bringing in scientific depth to project of any scale and application reflects her strong educational background and talent. Anusha has published articles in leading lighting design magazines and has lectured in international lighting design conferences.

Anusha Muthusubramanian


iDAC Presentation

Hospitality Lighting Details from concept to execution, 
iDAC EXPO 2020, Mumbai

PLDA Spark Presentation

Santa Monica, California on Wednesday, January 26, 2011.

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